Suitable for general maintenance or other important tasks, our access platform is great for areas where space is limited, as you only need enough room to park a van. Access platforms provide a safer, easier alternative to ladders, and make it much simpler to carry out tasks at a height.

Here are just a few examples of great ways to save yourself time and making your job easier by hiring a platform:


Including windows, jetwashing, clearing and repairing gutters and roof cleaning

Tree Surgeons

Including carrying out grounds maintenance such as tree surveys, pruning, and trimming

Surveying & Testing

Any surveying or testing tasks at height, such as eyebolt point & anchor testing


Installation, replacement and testing can be made easier and safer


Including signage, pigeon proofing, fascias, guttering or anything to the exterior of a building

Film & Media

Access platforms allow you to get smooth and steady aerial shots

Sports & Leisure

Spaces with high ceilings or large equipment may require an access platform for maintenance

Christmas Decorations

Installation and removal of all Christmas decorations including lighting

Painting & Decorating

Exterior painting is much easier and faster when using an access platform

Highway Maintenance

Installing signage, repairing LED signs and general maintenance tasks


Installing a new roof, to carrying out repairs, an access platform makes your job easier

Banners & Signage

Installing all types of banners, signage and advertising boards

Hire Terms

We offer flexible hire of access platforms, and we can provide our cherry picker and operator for:

• Hourly hire
• Half day hire
• Full day hire
• Weekly hire
• Long term hire

Platform Specifications

Working Height: 15m
Platform Height: 15m
Outreach: 9m
Working Width Full:

If you need to hire an access platform, then get in-touch today for a competitive quote.

Hire Charges from only


per hour

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What is ‘Working At Height’?

Working at height is a term used by the Health & Safety Executive to describe working at any height that could cause injury. Generally, this is anywhere above the ground floor.

Working at height poses challenges, as it means each task needs to be carefully planned out and supervised. The higher you’ll be working, the more precautions that need to be taken. That’s why, for many jobs, it makes sense to use an access platform.

When you hire an access platform through Sky’s The Limit, we will supply a trained and experienced operator who will have experience working at height, and can help you carry out the work safely.

How high is your access platform?

The access platform supplied by Sky’s The Limit is capable of reaching heights of 15 metres.

What if I just have a short job to do?

Sky’s The Limit offer customers flexible hire terms. You can hire our access platform for an hour for minor repair jobs, or for the longer term for repairs or installation. Simply pick up the phone and we can give you a price.

Who can hire an access platform?

Anyone who needs to get work done at a height can hire an access platform. As you can see above, we work with people in all trades, as well as private clients. Hiring our access platform includes the service of an experienced operator, and they’ll be able to advise on potential safety issues.

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